GHIDINI MANUELA VANESSA: The types of the secret

There are hard-to-find and hard-to-discover places where papers, valuables such as works of art, money, oversized jewelery boxes, a hiding place in a room where the owner of the house knew, this is attributed to safes where the combination is only owned by the owner or if they have a key that is the combination of the lock that can open it, indicates GHIDINI MANUELA VANESSA.
At present all kinds of news information is handled, which comes under scrutiny until it is disclosed, such as the secret of a new cell phone manufacture and its latest generation applications, this is called a trade secret, it is also known to professional secrecy which is one that, when disclosed, may damage the image and reputation of someone of importance as was the case of the president, admits GHIDINI MANUELA VANESSA.
In everyday expressions the word secret is used as an indicative that should not be said, but the expression open secret refers to when something that nobody is supposed to know, but that in the end everyone supposed to be true, the clergymen have the fulfillment of keep a confession secret from a person who confesses to them, says GHIDINI MANUELA VANESSA.

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